Skiing in Brezovica

The ski resort of Brezovica is located in southeast of Kosovo. There are 15.6 km slopes available for skiing and snowboarding. As for accommodation there are a couple of hotels available with a capacity of around 700 people. The most famous amongst them are “Hoteli i Shkollës së Skijimit”, “Molika Hotel” and “Narcis”.

Cycling with Catun

An amazing experience with a great guide to show you around, cycling through different villages and old cities of Kosovo is truly an adventure you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s a great opportunity to try the local food including flija and pite in Albanian special rooms for guests called “Oda”. You don’t have to worry about bicycles, they provide you with good models for rent.

Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

There’s another beautiful place you must visit. The only Bear Sanctuary in Kosovo has a magnificent view, which is located just across the Badovc lake surrounded with mountains and of course brown bears all over the place. You’ll find a collection of brown bears, rescued from restaurants who kept them as attraction. Once you finish walking the extensive site, there’s a small bistro bar with a gorgeous view and playground and toys for children. A visit here is highly recommended.

Playing Paintball at Mr. Bali’s

If you are in mood for some action, we recommend you go at Mr. Bali’s Paintball and shoot some bullets. There are different games and battlefields you can choose to play, and the staff is very helpful with tips&tricks.

Paragliding in Golesh

A breathtaking view over the mountains of Golesh, paragliding over them is a dose of adrenaline everybody should get. Safety and comfort is with first priority, you get an experienced pilot at your side assisting you all the time.

Shooting at Reload Shooting Range

If you’re in a mood of shooting some real bullets and experience different guns, you have to visit the Shooting Range Reload. Located just outside the capital city Prishtina, the shooting range offers you a safe place to shoot.

Playing Tennis in Prishtina

Great tennis courts and setting ! Friendly staff Good value through weekly memberships for those that play daily.  Well taken care of courts and great instructions, support and tips from the instructors and trainers there.

Go Karting at Karting Kosova

A good adventure wouldn’t be great without some racing. Not the Schumacher kind of racing, but more like a miniature racing. GoKarting in Klina is a good place to visit, with great tracks and nice equipments you’d spend some good time there.

Playing Mini Golf at Prishtina Pro Mini Golf

Newly built Prishtina Pro Mini Golf in Kosovo is the first Adventure Golf course ever installed in the area. The 18-hole Adventure Golf course is stunningly beautiful with plenty of water and flowers.

Mountain Horse riding at alpine house RANCH

The place has an amazing view in Peja, food is very good and traditional. Horse riding is very nice in the mountain and the guides are helpful.
Lovely horses, is recommended it to any riders or beginners.

Zipline in Peja

ZIPLINE is the most thrilling experience of tourism adventure in Kosovo completed by Marimangat and funded by PPSE and the Municipality of Peja.

Climbing Via Ferrata Ari

Via Ferrata is the kind of attraction in Kosovo you shouldn’t miss. It’s safe, it has a great view over Rugova canyon, it’s too simple everybody can do it. So don’t forget your camera, because everything else is taken care of.

Eating Tai Rolls

Tai rolls is the new trend in Prishtina when it comes to delicious ice cream. It’s a freshly made ice cream rolled in front of your eyes with fresh ingredients and rolled into perfection for you to enjoy!
It consists of three steps:
Choosing your base and combo, deciding which toppings you want to add and finishing up with the sauce you want.

The base and combo is sliced, mashed and frozen together than rolled into chunks of cylindric ice cream which is served into a bowl with added toppings